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I am the oldest of five children. I have been married for 31 years to my high school sweet heart.  We joyously welcomed our first son, Ryan into our family in 1985 and then along came his brother Garrett in 1988.  My surprise child, Cameron, was born in 2003.  My oldest son, Ryan welcomed his first child Jack in 2007 and then his little brother Jaron in 2011. Our children and grandchildren have been life’s greatest pleasure.

My work career started in the banking industry where I began working as a remittance clerk. Then, over the span of 15 years and a lot of hard work, I was promoted through the ranks and ended up in the training and development programs for new employees.

While my work was very rewarding, I was working upward from 50-60 hours a week and missed most of my children’s earliest years. At the time, my sister was the director of the Seattle Jaycee Daycare and, in my spare time, I had been volunteering. I guess it goes back to wanting to be a teacher ever since I can remember.

Now I have built my daycare with more than just a teacher in mind, I am a nurse, friend, parent helper and teacher. It is very rewarding to see the future of our country grow and develop into……






"Children in the Park was a fantastic childcare option for our family, and was a great help in working with our school schedules. Allison is so good with the kids – they really are like a 2nd family to them. Allison is very genuine and loves all her kids. Their safety is a top priority – and, she wants them to have fun! Allison likes to plan field trips, and is open to suggestions and ideas on trying new things. We recommend Children in the Park as a safe, loving childcare option.

I’d be happy to speak in more detail if you’re considering Children in the Park."



"Children in the Park has been an amazing experience for my sons this past year. Allison, the owner, and her team offer intellectually challenging and physically appropriate activities for all of the kids. The kids are stimulated and engaged every day by a myriad of activities; field trips, library visits, visiting the pea patch, etc. I have watched my 2 year old learn to manage his emotions and resolve conflict in a positive way. He is included in the activities with the older kids should he show interest and really loves his time at daycare. Additionally, the inclusive environment at Children in the Park does not separate kids by age. Therefore, with the diligent supervision of the staff, my 16 month old is experiencing activities and learning from kids of varying ages. He is learning to be gentle and share with children smaller than he and to assert himself with older kids. Allison is a very good communicator and extremely knowledgeable in childhood development. She is always willing to share her experiences or recent information from a class she attended. She is truly a care giver who loves everyone of the children that walks through her doors.

I can't say enough how wonderful Children in the Park has been for my children and my family!"





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