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Teaching your child, while utilizing an integrated curriculum, is a paramount importance in my daycare.

An integrated curriculum consists of exploring a theme/topic, while incorporating it into different subject areas such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music & Movement and Language Arts. This approach to teaching emphasizes my role in encouraging your child to interact with others, stationary objects and the environment in way that have personal meaning to them.

Art- We use a variety of materials so the child may experience the joy of creating by cutting, gluing, colouring and painting. Art may also be used for instructive purposes such as identification of shapes, learning to follow oral instructions, sequencing steps and learning various skills, such as cutting and pasting.  Activities are geared to the child’s level, and are concerned with the process of creating instead of the final product.

Science- A variety of science materials will be out for exploration by the child in my home, books and group experiments. Science study increases vocabulary and general knowledge, encourages curiosity, helps the child discover natural laws, and helps the child become more aware of his/her surrounding world.

Music-Music is used to express emotions, reinforce subject material, and as a source of joy. We use tapes, CD’s, rhythm instruments, singing, and clapping and body movement.

Group Time- This is a period of 15-30 minutes which serves as a vehicle for teaching a wide variety of subjects.  It often includes finger plays, stories, games, songs, and discussion centred around one topic.  This topic is the basis for our weekly themes, which may include Zoo, Food, numbers, forest animals, etc. Weekly themes are posted for your information.

Small Muscle- Through manipulative table toys, cutting with scissors, games, and other activities, small muscle coordination grows. A variety of small motor toys are offered weekly to coordinate with the weekly theme.

Large Motor - Children receive large motor coordination through outside play, going to parks/beaches, or indoor play.  Children are offered large motor play daily.






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